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Expert Lawn Care in Sunshine Coast

Feeding, Watering, and Mowing Guide.

  • Water an established Lawn heavily around once a week.
  • Heavy infrequent watering encourages healthy roots needed for a healthy lawn.
  • The best time to water is early mornings or evenings when there is generally less wind and heat.
  • Water sufficiently to penetrate the soil.
  • Do not mow your newly laid turf for 4 weeks
  • Set your mover at the appropriate height for your turf variety.
  • Only remove one third of the leaf blade
  • Mow weekly in the growing season and fortnightly in the cooler months.

fertiliser buckets Lawn Care

  • Use a complete fertiliser 4-1-2 (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) in April and September
  • During the warmer months of the year, fertilise your lawn with a high nitrogen fertiliser to give a nice green shade to your lawn.
  • Fertilise four times per year rather than one large application.
We sell two types of lawn fertilisers

1. Lawn Maintenance: This slow release fertiliser feeds your lawn up to 3 months.

2. Lawn Starter: This type of fertiliser is also called a Lawn Booster.  You need up to 2.5kg per 100 square metres of lawn.

We sell 10kg buckets of fertilisers.  To order any fertiliser, call us today on (07) 5478 9438.

Mowing details for our lawn varieties

Green Lees Park Couch -
15-25mm cutting height
Every 7 days: Summer
Every 14 days: winter


20-50cm cutting height in sunny/lightly shaded situations

5-7cm in heavier shaded situations.

Increase mower cutting height in heavy drought periods.

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