Talking turf supply: artificial or natural grass?

Yes, we know we’re biased but let’s look at the facts. There’s no denying the ‘real thing’ is the natural choice for quality turf – Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Super cool

Studies have shown that synthetic turf is 20 – 30 degrees hotter than natural grass. The highest temperature published in a research paper was 93 degrees on a 37-degree day! Real grass turf, on the other hand, maintains a temperature around 15 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature, cooling your home and making the outdoors decidedly more comfortable (especially for little feet and paws)!

Softer touch

Despite progress, artificial turf is simply not as soft as our real, premium quality turf grass. Consider this: The 2019 Women’s World Cup matches were all played on real grass. That was a hard-won change, because the US team in particular reported more injuries on artificial turf. Another 2019 study showed that playing on synthetic turf in the American NFL resulted in a 16% increase in lower body injuries compared to the same injuries on natural grass. And that’s not even considering the feel of natural turf grass when your kids play or your family picnics!


It’s true: artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, fertilised or mowed. But consider these facts.
Fake grass has no climate benefits – but producing the plastic emits carbon and uses fossil fuels. Synthetic turf is made of plastic materials and, while many manufacturers talk about recyclability, the reality is that it’s more often likely to end up in landfill. Real quality turf absorbs a significant amount of carbon dioxide and emits oxygen every day. Plant materials improve water and air quality, reduce storm water runoff, help keep our cities cool, and provide a natural habitat for essential insects, birds and wildlife.


While many people say that artificial turf is maintenance-free, that’s not entirely true! Artificial turf actually does require ‘watering’ – to cool it down in summer and rinse it off regularly (especially if you have pets). As an unnatural surface, it needs cleaning: brushing, washing and, quite often, vacuuming!

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