Winter turf supply: the importance of new lawn care in colder months

You may think winter is ‘off limits’ for laying and sustaining quality turf – but there are some great benefits with the right seasonal care. After providing quality grass and turf installation (Sunshine Coast summer and winter!) for over 20 years, we have a few tips.

The pros

Yes, it may take your new turf longer to establish in winter, BUT:

• it will need much less watering

• you can wait longer until you mow it

• it’ll be established and ready to enjoy when you hit the outdoorsy warmer months!

Caring for winter turf

• Watering: Winter turf will need up to half as much water, but you can’t neglect it. Always water new turf straight after it’s installed (with moisture soaking through to soil immediately underneath). You’ll also have to keep an eye out for windy days, as that can dry out your turf quicker. 

• Fertiliser: To preserve and kick-start your quality turf It’s a good idea to apply a lawn starter (also called a lawn booster). [link to fertiliser we sell?]

• Mowing: Don’t get too excited about your first mow! It’ll probably need around 6 weeks or so in winter to ensure it’s established with decent growth.

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